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Award Winning Entrepreneur, Mentor and Philanthropist.

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“We don’t need better educated leaders, leading businesses, communities and countries, we need leaders with a strong moral compass, a strong set of values and a black belt character” – Sebastian Bates

I believe deeply that businesses have the ability to change the world for good. I’m passionate about small business’ having mentored over 500 business owners to rapidly scale.

I’ve written two books that have become best sellers in the area of character development and anti bullying. 

With over 25 years of Martial Arts experience in 6 different styles, I’m a multiple national champion and international professional fighter. With over 18 months living, training and fighting on Thai boxing camps in Thailand. I’m also the former trainer to the Royal family in UAE and Jordan.

I’m the founder of multiple 6-7 figure businesses  With over 50 staff operating in 5 countries. 

I’m the Founder and CEO of the global, multiple award winning martial arts organisation The Warrior Academy which is the largest academy in the UAE. TWA is currently responsible for mentoring over 3,000 members per week. 

In 2022 I founded The Bates Foundation, a global charity responsible for sponsoring and mentoring thousands of orphans and underprivileged children primarily in developing countries, while providing inspiration and employment to locals. 

Outside of the business and martial arts world I’m also a former extreme sports athlete with over 500 BASE jumps and skydives.

I believe the most important yet often missing aspect of a child’s development is their character. It guides absolutely every decision they make in their life and ultimately effects who we become as adults. 

We don’t need better educated leaders, leading businesses, communities and countries, we need leaders with a strong moral compass, a strong set of values and a black belt character.

So, I’m on a mission to bring the Warrior Method into every continent over the next 2 years, transforming hundreds of thousands of young lives, by developing a Black belt character, regardless of their economic, geographical or social situation.

4 milestones to developing a lifestyle business

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My Experiences



Founded The Warrior Academy

The humble start of our Global Organisation that has now been Voted Top 5 in the UK with over 2,000 students world wide.



Professional Fighter

I made my professional Debut in full contact Muay Thai in a Stadium in the South of Thailand. Winning in the third round.



Extreme Sports Athlete

As an extreme sports athlete I've completed over 500 skydives and base jumps around the world.



Best Selling Author of “The Warrior Method”

After almost a decade of mentoring young people through our character development programme, I published my methodology for the incredible results the Warrior Academy produces. It became an Amazon best seller on its launch.



Launched Warrior Academy Dubai

We expanded The Warrior Academy into Dubai where I had the honour of becoming the Personal Trainer to the Royal Family.



120,000 Global Donations

As a socially conscious entrepreneur all of my businesses are linked to charities. We reached our goal of 120k donations.



Wrote "Not A Victim Book"

Co-Authored with Menno Siebinga, Not A Victim aims to mentor 1 million children through bullying this decade.



Co Founded FtenX Academy

Alongside good friend Timothy Fare Matthews, FTENX Academy was created to get businesses online during the global pandemic.



25,000 Meals in 24 hours

Our most recent, privately run project gave 25,000 Emergency Meals out to a disconnected village in the Philippines in under 24 hours during the recent floods. 



Founded The Bates Foundation

Global Charity seeking to improve young lives in developing countries around the world.



Launched in Abu Dhabi, Salisbury and Sharjah.

Three new full time Character Development Centres launched in cities around the world.



Stevies Global Entrepreneur Awards, Gold Winner.

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Speaking topics include:

Not A Victim – End the cycle of bullying.
Character Development – The vital yet often missing part of education.
Community Focused Business – Investing in your community and building a tribe.
The Roaring 20’s – Bring your business online rapidly to prepare for the decade.

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Sebastian hosts 2 exciting podcasts. The Warrior Academy Podcast was ranked top 3 in Education on iTunes on it’a launch and dives deep into important subjects like bullying, with an inspiring stories season and exciting LIVE interviews. A great resource to gain valuable insights into my work on character development around the world.

The “Round Pegs, Square Holes” podcast is a tribute to the Apple Commercial ‘Here’s to the crazy ones’, a podcast created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? How can you pivot online and set yourself up for the Roaring 20’s? We interview some of the worlds most inspiring entrepreneurs, industry experts, global business owners and best selling authors, who share incredible insights and powerful advice to support small businesses.

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